When it comes to choosing between fibreglass and concrete pools, you’ll need to conduct plenty of research. Picking the right pool for you will depend on a range of factors, including backyard space, budget, style preferences, and the pros and cons of each pool type. To assist you in making a decision, this blog post details 5 benefits of installing fibreglass swimming pools in Melbourne. (Next month, we’ll explore 5 benefits of concrete pools!)

They’re Faster to Install

Thanks to their pre-fabricated construction, fibreglass pools can be installed quickly and easily, often taking weeks rather than months to complete. Not only does this cause less disruption, but it also means you’ll get to enjoy your new pool sooner!

There are a Range of Colour Options Available

Fibreglass pools can be finished in a variety of shades, making them the perfect option for those who have a certain look in mind for their swimming pool. Whether you prefer a diamond lustre appearance, a sparkling finish, a stone textured look, or a solid colour, you’re sure to love the stylish options available.

They’re an Affordable Choice

Due to the affordability of fibreglass and the simple installation process, fibreglass pools are an extremely cost-effective option for Melbourne backyards. But the lower price doesn’t necessarily mean a less stylish pool – while there may be less customisation available compared to a concrete pool, there are still plenty of stunning fibreglass pool designs to choose from that should fall within your budget.

They Have a Smooth Surface

While concrete pools can have rough and abrasive surfaces, fibreglass swimming pools boast a smooth finish, ensuring no more skinned knees or torn bathing suits. This helps to enhance the comfort of swimmers while also improving safety.

They’re Durable

The strength of fibreless makes fibreglass pools a popular choice for those looking for a durable pool type. Fibreglass is also highly weather resistant, so you can be sure your pool will provide you with years of enjoyment whether it rains, hails or shines.

Want to Learn More?

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