You finally decided to invest in your own home swimming pool. You have a vision for placement, design and materialcolour. But when you begin planning with the help of a contractor, you realise you aren’t sure what material to choose.  You hear conflicting opinions about durability, affordability and aesthetics.

In this blog, we present the reasons many homeowners opt for fibreglass construction. Once you know some of the characteristics of fibreglass pools, you can feel more confident choosing a material and working with a pool contractor.

Below are seven common reasons to install a poolmade of fibreglass rather than another material.

1. Durability

When built, installed and maintained properly, fibreglass pools can last for the lifetime of a home. Many fibreglass pools come with a 20- or 25-year overall warranty, though the gelcoating or surface colour may have a shorter warranty (usually about 10 years).  Fibreglass remains durable over time due to its unique flexibility. If the soil around the poolshift, the material can shift with it fairly easily.  This minimises the risk of cracks.

2. Greater Weather Resistance

Outdoor pools must weather extreme temperatures and high sun exposure. This exposure can result in faded or discoloured sections, chipping or leaking. Fibreglass’ flexibility enables pools to expand as temperatures rise and contract as temperatures drop, minimising weather-related problems.  Fibreglass pools also come to your home almost entirely finished. This means that inclement weather won’t affect your contractor’s ability to finish the installation on time.

3. Increased User Comfort

Contractors apply a gelcoating to the upmost layer of fibreglass pools. This nonporous finish feels smooth to the touch. The gentle texture of fibreglass finishes prevents scratches, scrapes and other minor pool injuries during use.

4. Less Maintenance

The gelcoating used on fibreglass pools also decreases the amount of regular maintenance they need. With the right finish, you can install a pool with the following characteristics:

  • Less chemical requirements to keep the water clean
  • Little to no algae growth
  • Resistance to stains and discolouration

5. Lower Cost

Modern fibreglass pools offer the same durability and usability of traditional materials at a reduced cost. While they cost slightly more, Modern fibreglass pools offer the same durability and usability of traditional materials at a reduced cost. While they cost slightly more to install than vinyl-lined pools, fibreglass requires less costly repairs and maintenance. Concrete pools cost up to 40% more to install and maintain than fibreglass.

6. Quicker Installation

Fibreglass pool manufacturers create each pool in a controlled factory environment. They then transport the new pool to its site and install it. This method means that almost as soon as you have the building and council approvals to build your pool, you can start enjoying it.  In most cases, homeowners can swim in their new fibreglass pool within 4 to 7 days. To put that in perspective, a concrete pool can take up to 3 months to complete. Many pool types require an initial foundation, followed by tiling and finishing. These pools can take several months to install completely.

7. Versatility

Fibreglass pools do not require tiling, though they can be fitted with tiles if you prefer the look. But that isn’t your only aesthetic option. Fibreglass gel coats come in a variety of colours, from natural neutrals to vibrant greens and blues. Some contractors even offer finishes with shimmers or sparkles.  Fibreglass pools also accommodate a range of design types, from classic to cutting-edge. Manufacturers can create permanent seats or benches along the pool’s edge. Fibreglass has few design restrictions, though some manufacturers cannot create pools wider than 4.8 metres (16 feet) or deeper than 2.59 metres (8.5 feet) because they must ship the poolshell via road vehicles.

Discuss your options with a pool contractor to make the final material decision. You may find that a fibreglass pool fits perfectly into your budget, yard and lifestyle.