Inground Concrete & Fibreglass Pools in Melbourne

Few items define your backyard space the way a pool does. At Melbourne Pools, we offer numerous inground concrete pools and inground fibreglass pools in Melbourne to help you transform your backyard into a paradise. Read on to learn more about our swimming pool design and installation services in Melbourne and surrounding areas.

Inground Pool Designs and Options

Inground fibreglass pools and concrete swimming pools can provide families with hours of recreation and relaxation. These beautiful, long-lasting structures can also increase the value of your property, making them an excellent renovation choice no matter how long you plan to stay in your current home.

We offer two main types of inground pool construction: inground fibreglass pools and inground concrete pools.

  • Concrete – Concrete pools offer a range of custom options. The durable nature of concrete allows us to construct pools of most depths, sizes and shapes. We offer a number of inground concrete swimming pools, as well as finishes ranging in colour from dark blue to neutral taupe, allowing you to match your pool to the aesthetic of your home.
  • Fibreglass – We offer 20 prefabricated designs for inground fibreglass pools, with various lengths and shapes to choose from. Modern fibreglass can last up to 35 years, providing you with an affordable yet durable pool.

Additional Pool Accessories

In addition to providing exceptional inground concrete and fibreglass pools in Melbourne, we also keep an inventory of pool accessories to increase the luxury of your home pool. Our available accessories include:

  • Automatic and robotic pool cleaners
  • Design elements like integrated waterfalls
  • Heating options
  • Jets and blowers
  • Structural LED lights
  • And more

View our full list of pool accessories or consult with one of our staff members to plan your perfect pool.

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Melbourne Pools has years of pool design and construction experience, allowing us to cover our construction with a 35-year structural warranty.

Reach out to our design, construction and installation team today to create your ideal backyard space. Call us now on (03) 9449 3003, message us using our online contact form below, or send an email to Our experienced staff will walk you through the various inground concrete pools and inground fibreglass pools available for your Melbourne home.