Concrete Pools Melbourne

Concrete Pools Melbourne

If picking your swimming pool from a wide variety of pre-assembled fibreglass options is not for you, or if you’re searching for something more select, one of our custom concrete pools may be the perfect choice.  Envision customising your new pool to suit your own needs – you will have the capacity to design your pool to be as individual and extraordinary as you like, resulting in a pool that’s truly unique.

While the average backyard size is getting smaller and the alternatives for lawn arranging are not as unending as they used to be, solid pool creation and development is not restricted by troublesome site conditions or space confinements. 

The concrete pools Melbourne deserves should, and can, be built to your particular prerequisites and provide your family with an area of leisure and relaxation.

Quality Concrete Pool Designs and Constructions

Melbourne Pools is a leading provider of concrete pools in Melbourne, offering a wide range of custom design and construction options to ensure your pool ticks all the boxes. This includes building pools before or after the construction of a house – your new pool could be manufactured along limits, or even as a major aspect of building structures. This is a fantastic choice for houses under development, as concrete inground pools can be incorporated as a feature of the building arrangements. Holding dividers can likewise be consolidated into the outline and structure of the pool where needed.

While it is simpler to manufacture solid concrete inground pools before a house goes up, there are still numerous options available to those wanting a solid pool on a built up property. Concrete pool designs are the most flexible pool choice, and if built and planned into the surroundings wisely, they can transform a normal looking outside area into a marvellous one. No matter the shape, size or area of your property, our concrete swimming pool builders in Melbourne can be trusted to provide a pool that has lifetime appeal.

With a wide range of hues and inside surface finishes available, we can create a swimming pool in concrete that will complement your home and enhance you and your family’s way of life.

Three Benefits of Installing a Custom Concrete Swimming Pool

If you’re considering installation of a swimming pool, you’ll first need to make a choice between the various options on offer. While each pool type has its own pros and cons, a concrete swimming pool is a particularly popular option. Below, we take a look at some of the benefits offered by this versatile pool type.

They Provide Ultimate Flexibility

If you’re looking for a pool of specific dimensions, or if you want to install an irregularly shaped pool in your backyard, a concrete pool gives you the freedom to customise as you wish. Unlike other pre-fabricated types of pools, such as fibreglass, concrete pools can be made to specification to suit your individual requirements and desires. More designs are also possible, enabling you to style your pool exactly how you want it.

Concrete Pools Have No Size Restrictions

In addition to having total freedom with the design of the pool, there are also no restrictions on size. Whether you want a small lap pool or a large pool for the whole family to enjoy, concrete pools can be installed in a wide range of sizes to suit any backyard area.

They’re a Highly Durable Option

Due to the strength and longevity of concrete, concrete pools are able to weather years of swimming enjoyment. Repairs are usually also much cheaper in the long-term than other pool types, with the concrete able to be patched up affordably, unlike other materials which can necessitate complete replacement of the pool.

Concrete vs Fibreglass

You will need to make an important choice between concrete and fibreglass swimming pools for your Melbourne property. But how do you determine which type is best for your needs? Let’s weigh up the pros and cons of each.

Fibreglass Swimming Pools

If you’re a person who’s quite time-poor and won’t always be able to commit to regular pool maintenance, then fibreglass pools might be the option for you. They are made with a gel coated surface which is non-porous and restricts the growth of algae. This in turn means you don’t need to spend nearly as much in time and money ensuring the water is safe and clean to swim in. Fibreglass swimming pools are built in a factory in a controlled climate, and are far less affected by the dynamic weather conditions of Melbourne. Installation is relatively quick as well, usually taking between 3 and 5 weeks.

They do have their restrictions, though; particularly when it comes to the size, shape and depth of your pool. Fibreglass pools are limited in their ability to be customised, so if you have an irregularly shaped backyard, the pool might not complement its surroundings as well as you’d like.

Concrete Pools

Popular for their ability to be designed and built in any shape or size, concrete pools are favoured by many Melbourne homeowners looking to add a swimming pool to their property. It’s certainly the strongest type of pool, highly durable, and the great thing is that if you eventually choose to change the backyard, your pool dimensions and even its positioning can change with it! Remodelling, renovating or enlarging the pool is easy.

On the flip side, concrete pools can be more expensive than any other pool type because of their strength, their ability to be customised so easily, and the fact that they’re built on site. This last point means that they’re also the longest to build from scratch – possibly up to 12 weeks from beginning to completion. They also require more sanitising chemicals for the water, because the concrete surface is porous and therefore offers the perfect environment for algae to grow.

Understanding the pros and cons of both concrete and fibreglass swimming pools means that when it comes to choosing between either, you’ll have enough information to make the right decision for you. Of course, you’ll need to also consider factors such as budget, fencing and other safety regulations, as well as the usual running costs of a swimming pool.

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