Fibreglass Pools Melbourne

Todays modern lifestyle demands elegance with you in mind. Sophisticated, yet it provides a centerpiece for family and friends. This pool follows the classic straight lines to maximise swimming area. Large step entrance provides a perfect relaxation zone.


  • Manufactured to Australian Standards 1838:1994 License number 7273
  • Large Range of Colours
  • Safety Suction Skimmer Box AS2818
  • Shire and Water Authority Plans – Licenses and Approvals
  • Electrical Connection to 40m (WA Only)
  • Bobcat Excavation
  • Hi flow rate sand filter or cartridge filter
  • 30m Crane Lift (WA Only)
  • Salt Water Chlorinator with Time Clock
  • Heavy Duty Pool Pump
  • Underwater Light
  • Cleaning Accessories
  • Initial Pool Clean and Handover
  • Member of SPASA (Completion Guarantee WA Only)

Note: all measurements are approximate