Financing your new pool is a relatively simple exercise. As the installation of your pool should increase the value of your home, many financial institutions will offer you the ability to increase the amount of your existing home loan to include the valueof your new swimming pool.

The table below shows the expected extra weekly repayments on a standard variable home loan taken over 30 years, using the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) standard variable home interest rate as at May 2014 of 5.90%.

Loan Amount                  Weekly Repayments
$20, 000 $27
$25, 000 $34
$30, 000 $41
$35, 000 $48
$40, 000 $55
$45, 000 $62
$50, 000 $68

* The weekly repayments listed in the table above are rounded to the nearest dollar and should be used as a guide only. The table should not be considered a quote, loan offer, or as investment advice. Individual circumstances will dictate your eligibility for and your ability to afford a new loan or extension to an existing home loan. Interest rates vary between financial institutions and vary over time. Melbourne Pools recommends that you speak with a financial planner or your financial institution before making any decision to apply for or extend an  existing home loan.


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