Our relationship with Riverina began in 2008. We made a decision to get the pool so did they hard yards going from pool company to pool company and only getting more and more confused as we did so. We happened across Riverina ‘s display and met our Riverina contact. The contact explained a lot of things to us ‘novices’ and gave their pools, the noticeably thicker fiberglass and the huge range of colours etc.  We were also impressed with the no pressure-obliging manner of the Riviera team. So a week later we were back putting a deposit on our pool. We opted to have it installed June/July of 2009 because the ground were we live is partially clay and very hard when dry so we wanted the winter rains to soften this for easier digging. Riverina had no problems with the decision. On Tuesday the 23rd of June 2009 thehole was dug and on Wednesday the 24th the pool went in, from there on it was a succession of tradesmen installing the pump and filter, electronics wiring it all up, paving people attaching the bullnose header, handover manmaking sire all of the equipment operated properly and cleaning the pool. Each and every one of these people did an excellent job, where pleasant and easy to deal with. The whole operation went smoothly and trouble free from start to finish.   To everyone from Riverina thank you very much for a job well done. We are looking forward to enjoying our very first pool this and every summer.
Joanne and Daryl

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